#8 postscript: I've read some of your thoughts and listened to some of your songs and I hope the world listens to you, cause your thoughts are incredibly beautiful. Hope you're having a happy day :)

Aghh! I appreciate this much! Thank YOU

I've got a mad crush on your more than unique beauty, and another crush on the acute and cutting sharpness of your mind and the words you write. - signed just another of many admirers // xx

I adore your complimenting words. Never just anotha

Your song "if you knew" always has me jammin'

Jam girl!! :p happy you like

#8 What are your moon and rising signs?

My sun sign is leo. my rising sign is taurus

How were you able to realize and admit to yourself that you're gay? I'm having trouble defining my sexuality and, mostly, my life and what I'm passionate about in terms of careers and making my own living. I've never really had to face my fears/discomforts/reality until now and everything is freaking me out.

Life… It’s full of complications and complexities. The best part is that you have the ability to feel. To feel so passionately that sometimes it’s even confusing. Now, I’m in no place to tell you how to find yourself, as our paths are distant and our heads are separate. However, we are interconnected and all breathing one another’s air. What you feel my dear is normal. Feeling abnormal, off, lost, worried, confused… After all life is all about definition and how you live to define the meaning. It takes time. What you feel will soon make sense. This is a promise I’m making to you. I may not even be in the place to tell you this, as my head and heart are also in the works of figuring things out. Together we will struggle and we will succeed. I hope this is any bit helpful love