Last thought

She used to say losing me was something she could not afford. Somewhere in between now and then, she decided it was you she would adore

There is no old me. There is no new me. There is only present me, experiencing human & soul purpose. Learning to appreciate change

Even if I break my own heart in the hopes of finding love, I will never regret knowing I didn’t try hard enough

Love is art. We are true artists when we learn to unconditionally love because it means we’re passionate. What’s art without passion

#8 postscript: I've read some of your thoughts and listened to some of your songs and I hope the world listens to you, cause your thoughts are incredibly beautiful. Hope you're having a happy day :)

Aghh! I appreciate this much! Thank YOU

I've got a mad crush on your more than unique beauty, and another crush on the acute and cutting sharpness of your mind and the words you write. - signed just another of many admirers // xx

I adore your complimenting words. Never just anotha