0kchill asked:
you and your blog are so lovely it makes me happy haha

Awe you beautiful human being c:

Anonymous asked:
Please do a new Q&A video!!

Anonymous asked:
Hey!! I'm a huge fan of yours! And I personally think your cover of Royals is 7578302947592847593847 times better than the actual song itself. I've always wanted to talk to you, but too scared to actually say anything because you're absolutely perfect and I'm to embarrassed to make a fool out of myself.

😋 Hahaha well luckily for you, I’d gladly make a fool out of myself if it made you feel comfortable!

Anonymous asked:
Jess please answer to mee. I'm so depressed and I can't keep doing this to my self idk what to do. I don't even know why I'm talking to you. pleease talk to me. I'm so alone right now and I'm scared of my self

Talk to me love. I’m right here

Anonymous asked:
It may be a little personal, but what kept your motivation and drive when you lost all of the weight that you did? I think you're not only a inspiration with your music and your message but also with your before and after!! You really do show that if you really want something, you can get there. thanks for being such a beautiful person inside and out!

I just kept telling myself to look at where I would be in a short time if I just kept to it. If you need anyone to motivate you, you know where to find me and I’d be very happy to help keep ya goin!

Anonymous asked:
I can honestly and genuinely say you're absolutely stunning. There's some sort of mystery in your eyes that appears forever captivating... For once I wish I was a chick :/

You’re adorable! I wish you were a chick too anonymous sweetheart :p

Anonymous asked:
You are so beautiful!! You have now inspired me to get off my lazy ass and lose dee weightt..


stoymilk asked:
You're gorgeous af, & that picture of your transition was inspiring. Good shit, Jess. :)

Well thank you so much kind sir!!

Anonymous asked:
What race are you

Italian Stallion 😉